Comic 121 - Worse Than The Mentos

3rd Jun 2010, 5:00 PM in Take That Us
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Worse Than The Mentos

But that doesn't make any sense. The Watson clearly still has both his hands, and The Detective stole the murderer's left hand...

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Author Notes:

Yep, it's another trailer for The Way Of The Metagamer 2: In Name Only. This time, we're invoking (in addition to the stuff from before): Never Trust A Trailer (as Ebony pointed out, that can't possibly be the truth!) | Quip To Black | Spell My Name With A The (technically already present before, but much more obvious now!) | Tomato In The Mirror | Trailers Always Spoil | What Have I Become


4th Jun 2010, 2:26 AM
In panel 4 was a Glasses Pull

6th Jun 2010, 5:20 AM
It would appear that the killer...
...was a sharp-witted man.

15th May 2013, 2:05 AM
YEAAAAaaaaoh, the joke has already been done.




Narrator: In a world...
where the exact same city shot appears repeatedly...

The Detective: Looks like the killer made a *piercing* retort.

Narrator: The Detective must learn an incredible truth...
The Wise Wizard Guy: You, Detective... you are a tomato.
The Detective: Yeah, I know.
The Wise Wizard Guy: ... no "oh God, what have I become"?
The Detective: Nope.

Gary Gygax kills-
The Watson: Died the same way as The Victim. Impaled with a model speech bubble.
No doubt the same killer is behind this case too.
The Detective: A *painfully* dull discussion, then.
The Watson: ... that quip doesn't even make sense.
The Detective: I'm The Detective. I don't *have* to make sense.
Narrator: Oh, and also the plot-relevant incredible truth, which is that...

Narrator: ... there is only one who can find the true criminal.
The Detective: Together, this evidence points to only one culprit:

Narrator: If you only see one movie this week, make it...

The Detective: You, Watson! Only you could have killed The Victim!
And also The Second Victim!
The Watson: Me?!

The Way Of The Metagamer 2: In Name Only
Narrator: It *probably* has some plot element we haven't spoiled in trailers already.


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