Comic 120 - Roll Call Upgrade

2nd Jun 2010, 4:00 AM in Take That Us
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Roll Call Upgrade

I am beautiful and Richard Basehart will love me! I am beautiful and Richard Basehart will love me!

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Author Notes:

Ha ha! I can get around my difficulties with character expression by violating canon and redesigning the characters to my whims! Now to set up the flameshield against irate MSTies...

More sensibly, what does everyone think of my horrific modifications to beloved characters? Personally, I think the Gypsy redesign is great - the others, not so sure.


2nd Jun 2010, 4:18 PM
you lost me

3rd Jun 2010, 2:14 AM
Again, I've never seen MST. Consequently, I approve greatly, since I am unaware of the mincemeat you have made of MST canon.
Except the kerf-vwood-or-sfee. That's just odd.



Joel: Hello again, everyone. We've finished the first chapter of The Way Of The Metagamer. It was incredibly boring.

Joel: We're giving it the benefit of the doubt for now, though.
Crow: Who knows? Maybe the author will get replaced with someone competent!

Joel: So, to demonstrate our goodwill, I've modified the 'bots to suit this art style more directly.
Magic Voice, roll call please.

Magic Voice: Robot Roll Call!
Joel: Here we go!

Magic Voice: Cambot!
Cambot (mirrored): Still useless!

Magic Voice: Gypsy!
Gypsy: Now I am beautiful and Richard Basehart will love me!
Crow: Just keep telling yourself that.

Magic Voice: Tom Servo!
Tom: I can *see* at last!
Well, I could actually see already, but now nobody needs to ask me how I can possibly see.

Magic Voice: Crooooow!
Crow: Unmodified! Accept no substitutes!
"You know you want me, baby!"

Gypsy (quietly): Now I am beautiful and Richard Basehart will love me! Now I am beautiful and Richard Basehart will love me! Now I am beautiful and Richard Basehart will love me!
Joel: What do you think, sirs?

Doctor Forrester: Very impressive, Joel.
TV's Frank: But Doctor Forrester's vfay-doe-teed has been similarly modified!
Doctor Forrester (quietly): *CFVDEWTOD*.

Doctor Forrester: Behold, the Clayton Forrester Volumetric Display and World-Taking Over Device, Stick-Figure Edition! CFVDEWTODSFE for short!
Evil World-taking-over Device Roll Call!

Doctor Forrester: CFVDEWTODSFE!

Tom: Um. It's... nice?
Joel: Your cfee-dew-todd-fee isn't actually a 'bot, though. What's the point?

Doctor Forrester: It's CFVDEWTODSFE, Joel.
And its purpose is clear. The added eyes and stuff will strike a nameless creeping terror into the hearts of consumers, warding them away from the product forever.

Magic Voice: Commercial sign in one panel.
Joel: Sorry, but wasn't the whole point of your fay-doe-ted for people to buy it and get trapped inside? How will scaring them away with the vay-do-toe-sfee help with that?

Doctor Forrester: Um... well... er...


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