Comic 118 - MSTed - The Solution

27th May 2010, 5:00 PM in Take That Us
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MSTed - The Solution

"Dishwashing gloves solve everything. Except things that need duct tape." Oh, come on. Get your facts straight. Everyone knows that it's *WD-40* that solves everything, except things that need a *Shamwow*.

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Author Notes:

Ebony, the Shamwow isn't quite that all-powerful. The top spot is reserved for Easy-Off Bam, mostly since it's onomatopoeic. Bam, and the dirt is gone! </productplacement>

The original version of this comic is here.


27th May 2010, 10:19 PM
Yay! Keep up the comic goodness... comedy... thingy. Umm... yeah. Anyway, you get the idea.

I like how your art style and humour have progressed to the point where you are capable of MSTing your own comic - and doing so successfully. I have literally never or heard of seen that before.

31st May 2010, 4:53 PM
I like the fact that when I didn't get it the first time I still dont get it now...

8th Aug 2010, 2:27 AM
The "copy and paste and animate the background rapidly" joke is from Problem Sleuth on mspaintadventures. You should read it, unless you already have in which case I salute you.



Narrator: Six attempts at reading later...

Joel: Again, you mean panels. *Panels*. *PANELS*!
Bob: Stretch, and grab! With the stretch-and-grab book collection method, you'll tighten those abs in just a few weeks!

Fred: Hey, I've already read this particular page! Approximately six times!
Tom: I can read without looking at the book!
Jane: Oh yeah? Well, I can read with one hand behind my back!

Trope-tan: No, wait, that's exactly what we said last time.
Tom: That's because that's exactly what *happened* last time.

Crow: Woo, angry monobrow!
Joel: Alright, that is *it*! I cannot stand another second of your infidelity, foolish book! You shall burn in the flames of Hades!

Bob: Alright, that is IT!

Joel: ... I cannot stand another second, etc.?
Fred: Nope, apparently that's all he's going to say.
Jane: Flames of Hades? Seriously?

Dishwashing Gloves

Trope-tan: How fortunate I had this glove dispenser hanging conveniently in midair.
Fred: It's not like there's a *table* or anything to put it on.

Crow: You copy and paste your previous poses into a new file and animate the background rapidly.
Jane: Those are some seriously creepy gloves. Are they for claws or something?

Crow: Oh, and then you do it *again*. But this time with even less effort.
Joel: Is this the third time we've seen this panel? Fourth?


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