Comic 117 - MSTed - Obsessive Compulsive

25th May 2010, 5:00 PM in Take That Us
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MSTed - Obsessive Compulsive

"The scientist's way: I got zapped. Let's see if that happens every time! (joke officially stolen from xkcd)" ... turns out it happens every time. Ow. Has anybody seen my kidneys?

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Author Notes:

The horizontal design could work, but I think utterly destroying my layout once was enough. Hmm. You could also do it RiffTrax-style: you'd just provide the MSTers in their seats, snarking away, and require the reader to match it up with the original comic. But that'd be too much work for the reader, and completely unnecessary since I have the rights to my own comic.

Also, I totally didn't "steall" the joke in the first comic from Order of the Stick. I introduced a mechanic of the comic's universe, namely that of narrator-ventriloquism, which would have a far-reaching impact on the comic as a whole. It just happened to have a passing resemblance to a joke from Order of the Stick.

The original version of this comic is here.


26th May 2010, 6:03 PM
enjoying the MST pages - i guess they just continue till you get up to where the MST pages start.. or do they then get into a temporal loop? hmmmm



Bob: Well, time to check out my new book!

Fred: Did all the readers out there catch that? He's checking out his new book!
Jane: Because there's no way you could possibly tell that just by seeing him with the book!
Bob: Hey! I happen to like providing pointless exposition!

Bob: Hmm...

Joel: Apparently he hasn't got a stick of furniture in the house. Like, say, a *chair* to sit on while reading a book.
Bob: I couldn't afford furniture after all those eBay purchases.


Crow: Hey, I lost my page!
Tom: You just can't trust those ancient magical artefacts, huh?

Fred: How confusing. My book has closed after falling on the ground. What a strange force gravity can be.
Jane: I think he's confused about the burst of mystical energy.
Fred: Oh.

Bob: If I can just... stretch... a little farther...
Woo! Got it without standing up!
Tom: Congratulations.

Trope-tan: Now I've got to find my page... oh, wait.
The art was copied and pasted from that panel earlier. That saved some effort!
Joel: At least there's no more raw magical power waiting to fry my soul.

Joel: Oh, spoke too soon.
Jane: How surprising that this exact same event should occur twice! I am shocked!
Trope-tan: *Literally*.


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