Comic 111 - The CFVDEWTOD

12th May 2010, 3:28 AM in Take That Us
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Wow, this isn't half-bad. Author, this is an acceptable solution. Let us continue with negotiations.

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Author Notes:

TV Tropes references: MOAR Fun With Acronyms | Holodeck Malfunction | Win To Exit

There. You happy now?

@snowyowl: Yeah, Titular's now appearing on every comic. I've set up a dynamic thing to change or remove the text based on the current page. So no, he won't retroactively appear on every comic. :) Incidentally, yes, his name is Titular.


12th May 2010, 3:41 AM
this comic is beyond insane.

12th May 2010, 4:02 AM
That's why we love it so much.

12th May 2010, 4:05 AM
Also, you do realise the title=text guy whose name temporarily eludes me has now retroactively appeared on every comic? I'm a big fan of time travel, but surely the joke in this one will be lost to anyone who didn't read the strip today, unless it is apparent that the changeover happened now.

12th May 2010, 2:24 PM
4th comment yay

15th May 2010, 5:57 PM
it's ok if people don't know what's happening with the text title dude - serves them right if they haven't been paying attention.



Doctor Forrester: This is *my* invention. The Clayton Forrester Volumetrically Displayed Entertainment and World-Taking Over Device.
Uh... CFVDEWTOD for short.

Joel: Sorry? Cef-vede-wotod?
Doctor Forrester: It's pronounced CFVDEWTOD.
Joel: Cfee-vode-wetoad?
Doctor Forrester: CFVDEWTOD.
Joel: Cvee-dew-tod?
Doctor Forrester: For the last time, it's CFVDEWTOD!

Doctor Forrester: The CFVDEWTOD is based on a combination: recent volumetric display technology through centralised projection to provide visuals, audible components, etcetera, and zero-point focusing fields to consolidate localised particles and generate tactile illusions.
Technobabble Box 9: Um... Er... Come On, We Need Another Sequel Idea! These Are Just Selling So Well! Perhaps Technobabble Box Could Be Framed For The Murder Of His Mentor And Have To Clear His Name? What Mentor? Don't Be Ridiculous, He's Always Had A Mentor! ™

Doctor Forrester: The net result - that which the unknowing masses refer to as a holodeck. Practically any situation can be fed into the CFVDEWTOD and enjoyed.
The CFVDEWTOD is, of course, equipped with meticulously tested (thanks, Frank) safety protocols ensuring that no accidents or otherwise unpleasant injuries can occur.

Joel: Very impressive.
But not very... evil. How are you supposed to take over the world with that?

Doctor Forrester: Ha! It's very simple, Joel. The aforementioned safety protocols are set up to inevitably fail, trapping the occupants within the CFVDEWTOD until they can complete the program - now no doubt surrounded by utterly lethal threats!
Explanation Box™: A Spinoff Of The Award-Winning Technobabble Box Series

Joel: But, sir, you've just *entered* one of the apparently lethal programs! You're trapped within your cfee-dew-tod!
(quietly) Incidentally, GIGAHERTZ was a much better acronym.

Doctor Forrester: ... oh.
(quietly) It's called a CFVDEWTOD. Jeez.


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