Comic 107 - Backstory

3rd May 2010, 4:00 AM in Take That Us
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These are my terms. I refuse to provide additional humour, messages, or information of any type until these are met. My work must be treated with the same importance as the actual comic, and must be visible without foolish rollovers and other absurd mechanisms. I will be paid *per comic*, at a rate of 2000 Awesome Points for each comic. I will...

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5th May 2010, 5:15 PM
Wow! I am really enjoying these last few comics more than some of the earlier ones - because i understand the references for a change....

21st Jul 2010, 5:58 AM
WOW, THANK YOU, i forgot about this show, i used to watch it when i was younger. when reading the comic. i had no idea what was going on tell the explanation box made a light go off in my head



Jane: Woah, the lights... so pretty... they shine... like little angels...


Joel: Did she just go crazy and fall asleep?

Trope-tan: I *told* her to sit down.
That party was not good for one's health.

Trope-tan: In fact, I'd estimate a 72% chance of several of the following debilitating health issues initiating a result of-
Joel: Sorry, who are you?
Trope-tan: Trope-tan, anthropomorphic moe personification of TV Tropes Wiki.

Exposition Box™
Trope-tan: And *you* would be Joel Robinson, former janitor of Gizmonics Institute, now forced into watching terrible movies - but making the best of it by adding snarky comments, with the help of your two robot friends: Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.
Joel: Um... yes...

Additional Exposition Box™ Now With Reduced Font Size™
Trope-tan: *This* would be the Satellite of Love, originally dubbed the Stationary Orbital Laboratory upon its construction by Gizmonic employee Doctor Clayton Forrester - now residing in an underground section of Gizmonics Institute known as Deep 13 along with fellow employee TV's Frank. These two are the source of the movies you and the other captives on the Satellite must watch in every episode.
Joel: Sorry, I'm sure you're enjoying providing all this information on this show to the viewers...

Joel: ...but shouldn't we fix the universe-destroying rift in the fabric of reality over there first?
Trope-tan: Ah. Good priorities.


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