Comic 10 - All According To Plan

12th Apr 2008, 4:00 PM in The Thick Plottens
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All According To Plan

Printing costs are often prohibitive. That's why this is a webcomic, and I don't print out an infinite number of copies on paper every time I make a page.

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Author Notes:

I don't hate 4th Edition

Actually, I don't really hate 4th Edition. I haven't really played it at all, to be honest. Hooking into the hatred many others have directed its way seemed a clever idea at the time. Remember that in-comic 4th Edition is not the same as real-world 4th Edition.


22nd Nov 2009, 2:52 AM
Ooooh... don't you tread on 4th Ed. I've been playing since 1991 and I love 4th Ed... plus the Bard is in Player Handbook 2, hehe.

Love the 4th wall breaks and the climbing around panels.

15th Feb 2010, 6:05 AM
Personally, I spent way too much money on 3rd/3.5 to change now!



Gary: So, anyway, what was I saying?
Fred: You were about to tell me what on earth is going on!
Gary: I'm Gary Gygax, the creator of D&D. This place is the Book of D&D. The reason you ended up in this dark place is so that I can explain the plot.
Fred: Okay, but does it really need to be so dark?
Gary: Not really.
Fred: So, uh, why have you made this Book thing?
Gary: 4th Edition.
Gary: 4th Edition has lost the marvelous complexity that is D&D. Roleplaying is being sacrificed for game balance. The Bard is being removed!
Gary: This Book was created to preserve the old ways of roleplaying, passed to the greatest heroes of the real world, giving them the power to reverse the change, to save D&D!
Fred: Cool, more panels!
Gary: Yes, it's a double length special. Shut up and listen to the old man dispensing important plot points.
Fred: Wait, wait, wait. The Book was supposed to be "passed" to great heroes? Bob just got it off eBay.
Gary: Well, um... how do you think we'd "pass" magical artifacts on these days?
Gary: Well, you'd better be on your way... this quest won't complete itself! (And you could use some story XP)
Fred: WAIT! Why is the world in the Book in black and white??
Gary: To save on printing costs. Do you have any idea how much it costs to print a whole world?
Gary: Bye!


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